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Community Info: Transport & Roading

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Congestion is an issue on some of the roads around Halswell during rush hour on workdays.  Given the rising cost of petrol and the enormous costs to us as taxpayers and ratepayers for repairs, widening and construction of roads, it makes sense to think about finding ways to avoid these costs. 

Car pooling, taking the bus, walking, or getting on a bike even as little as once a week or even once a fortnight will make a significant difference to traffic congestion. It is also great for your mental and physical health and there can be considerable economic benefit for you and your family.

Bus Services

Metro Bus Timetables

As well as viewing various timetables you can plan your trip.

Website: Timetables

Trip Planner


There are 3 bus services that begin/end in Halswell.  All three now carry bikes.

Orange line: travels between Halswell and the Central City via LIncoln Road and the Hospital.  It then travels on to Queenspark.



100 service: travels from its terminus at Halswell school out through Wigram then Church Corner, Riccarton (including the University) then out via Merivale to the Palms. 



125 Bus: travels from the Halswell shops through Westlake and the Hornby Hub to the Airport.  From there it travels via Bishopdale and Northlands to Redwood.



Bikes on Buses

Many buses around the City will also carry bikes for no extra charge.  All three of the services to Halswell carry bikes.

Bike racks are very easy to use but if you haven't used them before, the bus drivers are usually happy to assist and show you how.  If you want to see a bit more check out the info and pictures HERE.



Cycling is a good way to get around Halswell and to get into town from Halswell.  It provides exercise, is quite quick and lots more fun than being stuck in traffic. 

Have a look at those we have described on our page along with the roads to avoid:

Cycling Tracks


Walking for Health

A website outlining the health benefits of walking




fixmystreet logo


Have you noticed problems with street lighting, danger spots, potholes or even graffitie and major litter?




(Stronger Christchurch Infrastructure Rebuild Team)

SCIRT is responsible for rebuilding horizontal infrastructure following the earthquakes.


Report issues in a SCIRT work area or detour - eg: potholes?





Car Pooling

Traffic, particularly on Halswell/Lincoln Road, banks up regularly at rush hour at both ends of each day.  It is particularly bad on rainy days when regular bus users or cyclists take to their cars to stay dry. 

If cycling and taking the bus are not options for you, car pooling is another way to cut costs, chat with fellow travellers and potentially to speed up travel.


Interested in car pooling?:

Put a note in the Halswell Newsletter/Halswell Facebook page to find one or two others who might join you.

Check out the carpooling website Jayride

You can also find and advertise rides beyond Christchurch on Jayride.






This great site shows all the current road closures and road works.




WebCams - Traffic

Also provided by TFC are these 65 camera views where you can look at traffic conditions around Christchurch via various Webcams.


Website: Cameras


Spokes Canterbury

A voice for cyclists - an advocacy group interested in getting more people cycling more often on super safe facilities.

(See also Cycling on our "Transport in Halswell" page.)




Bike Safety


Keeping Safe

Clothing & Equipment

Consider Conditions


Read more -



Sharing the Road


We share this resource with pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles so lets look after ourselves and each other. Have a look at these pages for some good advice.


For Cyclists: Safety Tips

For Drivers: Sharing the road with cyclists



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