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What is Timebanking?

Timebanks are a skills exchange system - similar to bartering systems, or green dollar systems. The Timebank allows you to trade a service or skill for time credits or time dollars, and then use those time credits to engage someone who can help you. More HERE.

Fundamentals of Timebanking?Time BAnk Illust

  • Everyone has skills and is an asset.
  • Some work may not have market value, but is still valuable
  • We help ourselves as well as others when we share our skills
  • Social networks grow from reciprocity (taking is as important as giving!)
  • Everyone deserves respect
  • One hour – one hour – everyone’s time is equal.

Contact and more Info:

Phone Gen 021 134 5802  |  Chrys 027 286 8653

Email: addington.timebank@gmail.com

Timebank website: www.addingtontimebank.nz

Join at https://addington.timebanks.org/

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