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This page is a collection of links to information that Halswell residents may find useful.


(Community Information Christchurch)

An online community directory of clubs, community organisations and continuing education courses in the greater Christchurch area.


Website: www.cinch.org.nz



Tuesday: 10:00am - 1:00pm

Te Hāpua: Halswell Community Centre

341 Halswell Road

Other Venues and a list of JP's can be found using their Search facility.

Website: Search Page





Leading the City from Recovery to Regeneration

Website: www.regeneratechristchurch.nz/


FireBuddy is run by volunteer firefighters to reach out and work more closely with the community.

We’ve included a number of tools designed to keep you safe. There are alerts reminding you to check your smoke alarms and to clean your gutters of autumn leaves (a real fire hazard). We need to let you know when it’s safe to burn and when fires are banned. Then there’s critical updates on household issues or appliance recalls etc.


Website: www.firebuddy.co.nz/


cant digarchive



Canterbury Earthquake Digital Archive

Website: www.ceismic.org.nz








Website: www.hrc.co.nz





Website: www.redcross.org.nz



Website: communitylaw.org.nz

Website: www.eqc.govt.nz


Website: ccc.govt.nz



Neighbourly has been developed by an Auckland Company.  A few thousand people in the Halswell area are using it and the more that join, the more effective it will be.

Find out more HERE and login to get yourself a free account.


be there logo


An events and activities guide for Christchurch and Canterbury.

Website: www.bethere.co.nz



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