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 The Acupuncturist Ltd



Angela Thomas (The Acupuncturist) offers gentle yet effective treatments in her clinics:

  •     9 The Rocks, Kennedys Bush,
  • Christchurch Osteopathic Centre, 101 Colombo St, Beckenham
  • Riccarton Physio, 187 Riccarton Road

Acupuncture has a long history as part of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It can help keep you well, restore balance before major illness manifests, and improve existing chronic or acute conditions. Receiving acupuncture can be extremely relaxing - it's wonderful for stress relief. Angela has been a member of Acupuncture NZ since 2011 (members have been approved as ACC treatment providers since 1990).

Angela is happy to hear from women who want to prepare for birth in a natural and efficient way. She can also help with pregnancy niggles and fertility issues.

Phone: 0800 ANGELA (0800 264 352) or 027 777 8822

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Blue Sky Qigong & Tai Chi

Blue SkySandy Jiang is a very experienced teacher who is now giving classes from her studio in Aidanfield.


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Halswell Road Clinic

Osteopaths & Natural Medicine

64 Halswell Road


Southern Chiropractic

290 Halswell Road

Phone: 322 1432


Halswell Pharmacy

29 Ensign Street, Halswell

Phone: 322 8737


Canterbury Speech and Language Therapy

Longhurst Health, 53 Caulfield Ave, Halswell

Phone: 03 595 0050

Animal Health & Welfare

Halswell Vets

393 Halswell Road

Phone: 322 8331

Website: VetEnt Halswell



Elite Physiotherapy



 Weightwatchers in Halswell



Adapted Yoga & Pilates

Adapted YogaMore Details:

Sports & Activities


Halswell & Longhurst Health

Medical Centres

40 Ensign St, Halswell | 53 Caulfield Ave, Longhurst

Phone: 322 8121



 Halswell Dental Centre

284 Halswell Road

Phone: 322 9577


 Unichem Stantons Pharmacy

346 Halswell Road

Phone: 322 7131


 Longhurst Dental

53 Caulfield Ave, Longhurst

Phone: 322 1622


South-West Muscular Therapy Clinic

Sports & Treatment Massage

37 Cobra Street, Halswell

Phone: 021 108 8620



51 Mariposa Crescent








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