About Us: Halswell Community Project (HCP)



Halswell Community Project was incorporated in 2013 after two years of operating informally.  We work towards our vision by developing and running initiatives to connect Halswell people with each other, support businesses and provide resources that encourage involvement in activities in Halswell.

We also support or assist other groups: churches, schools, clubs etc to develop community events, activities and places for everyone.

The information below outlines our current projects and you can also learn more by reading our annual reviews and plans. 

We welcome feedback and enquires about becoming involved or the kind of assistance we can provide.  Please Contact Us


The Team



Dr Chrys Horn

Alison Maccoll

Ros Thornley


Kate Cleverly

Keri Glassenbury

Committee Members

Deb Harding-Browne
Brianna Harding-Browne
Angela Thomas
Giarne Clarke-Harrison
Karen White
Helen Holland
Sarah Wylie


Read more about our activities here.

Chairs Report 2016-17

Baseline Report 2014

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